Upgrading to a Smart WiFi TRV radiator Thermostat

66 Published by E-TOP radiator Thermostat November 22,2019

A thermostatic radiator valve is one of the most useful accessories for a radiator.  Due to the technology progress, now, we develop our wifi electronic thermostatic radiator valve.

radiator thermostat

Many new homeowners are intrigued by the electronic TRVs .  Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper jsut to manually change your radiators temperatures whenever you see fit? We receive questions about this all the time. I am writing today to give some much needed insight as to the effectiveness of the smart TRV thermostat.

A battery-powered thermostat with more advanced heat detection ensures the TRV performs with greater accuracy than any traditional thermostatic radiator valve. Electronic TRVs can also be connected to wifi, you can now manage your TRVs using your smartphone from the comfort of your sofa – or even while travelling – to keep your home heating ticking safely at all times.

radiator thermostat

The key benefit of wifi thermostatic radiator valves is maximizing energy more efficient. Make the most of your TRV settings to control individual room temperatures and save money by avoiding overheating commonly caused by manual valves.

With the simple maintenance, your TRVs will function flawlessly for years. And if you have an intelligent home heating system, a set of electronic thermostatic radiator valves will be your best move for significant energy and money savings.

radiator thermostat

Help the environment by heating your own with greater consideration. This is why our government is encouraging TRV use across new building regulations. We care deeply about the preservation of our planet – for this reason, we totally endorse electronic TRVs!

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